Aims & Objectives

To provide special education to the mentally retarded

To provide vocational training to the mentally retarded

To provide hostel facilities to the mentally retarded

To implement welfare activities for the mentally retarded

To create awareness about retardation and its problems

Training Objectives

Special training is necessary for the retarded to help them remain engaged in an activity. It is also necessary for their social adaptability and integration in the society. For this purpose, the main aspects of training involve:

Creation of confidence of the ability to work and making them self-dependant as much as possible
Cleanliness, proper dressing, eating habits and good manners
Knowledge of simple avoidable accidents and dangers in road crossing, use of LPG gas, use of electrical devices
Writing, reading, elementary numerical sums, general knowledge, craft, music and dance and similar
Purchasing grocery, bus journey, services at post office and similar