The Government grants for the special school and vocational training school are inadequate. Only the salaries of the qualified and trained approved regular teachers and instructors and a part of the other expenses are paid by government. However, salaries of all the hands involved in teaching and assisting the regular sanctioned staff and the rest of the sections depend on charitable help.

The broad needs for the institute are:
    1. Uniform to the poor inmates
    2. Equipment for vocational work
    3. Teaching aids
    4. Maintenance of the school and hostel buildings-
        i. Provision of class accommodation
        ii. Bus (major) repairs
        iii. Electrical devices (provision, repair and electricity bills)
        iv. Furniture (such as wood benches - provision and repair)
    5. Recreation assets-
        i. Supporting the special school and vocational training school
        ii. Expenses for the trust management
        iii. New school bus (power driven)

Needs Elaborated (Necessities [Oct 2012])
(The expected increase in the inmates is considered while noting the necessities)
1] In the school classes and ground at Karve road, there is rough 'shahabad' floor.
The inmates sit on the ground on cotton strips for taking mid-day tiffins. An open shed with covered top of area 1500 square feet is necessary for the purpose. This shall be quite convenient for use throughout the year [especially so during the rainy days].
2] The 'shahabad' floor in the school [and in the classes and the ground] needs renovation.
3] One story each on the two hostel buildings [one for girls and another for boys] at Kothrud is being planned.
4] Elevator is needed for the hostel.
5] Fencing wall approximately 130 feet long, 5.5 feet high and 1.5 feet wide on the boundary of the hostel buildings at Kothrud is needed.
6] An MS open shed with 'shahabad' floor with one side about 60 feet long, closed with vertical corrugated sheets and 10 feet high is needed to be constructed.
7] Renovation of existing dining hall in the hostel at Kothrud.
8] Providing fabricated entrance gate into the space in the hostel at Kothrud is being planned.
9] A camera is needed.
10] Two Washing machines, two television sets, 12 MS cots, 12 blankets, 20 bed sheets, 1 slide, 1 swing are needed.
11] A new school bus is needed and the seats of the older one need repair
12] White washing the buildings in the school and hostel and painting the sheds is being planned.
13] Renovation of the dining hall in the hostel is needed.
14] Maintenance of equipments such as solar water heater and similar is expensive.

How to donate
Donations by A/C payee cheques may kindly be paid in the favour of 'Jeevan Jyot Mandal'.
Jeevan Jyot Mandal has foreign contribution registration (FCRA).
Donations to 'Jeevan Jyot Mandal' are exempted from income tax under section 80G.
Sizeable help will be useful to progress many a planned schemes and smaller donations shall be useful for less expensive needs.

Daily Boarding Expenses Participation Scheme
An individual or a body of persons or any institution can participate in the above scheme by giving donation of at least Rs. 5,000. The income by way of depositing the donation shall be used yearly for specified purpose on the dates given by the donors (birthdays, marriage anniversaries). On that day the donor's name will be written on board along with the purpose for the donation.

Participation in giving snacks in the day institution
Free snacks are given to the students in the special school, vocational training school and child guidance clinic from time to time. Similar to the Daily Boarding Expenses Participation Scheme, donors can give minimum Rs. 5000 for use of the interest for giving snacks during the school recess.